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Saturday, August  3, 1918

Saturday, August 3, 1918

A good day. The men folks filled a house with primings. Josie handed leaves nearly all day. I went this evening. Fanny helped this evening. Fanny went to Mr George Emersons this evening. Paul carried her on the buggy. Jim and Nellie and Evelyn come today. I am glad that they come.

I had a letter from Thelma to day saying that she will come to see us soon.

11 oclock

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Monday, August  5, 1918

Monday, August 5, 1918

A good day and very warm. Ben and Paul suckered tobacco. Josie got dinner. I do[d]ged a round as usual.

This evening we went to Marvins. Kate Harvey come here and then to Marvins.

Marvin had water mellons the first I have seen this year. Josie come by the corn field and got snaps. I got a basket of tomatoes.

Heard this morning that Julia Fergerson has a daughter born the 4th.

Josie and I wrote to Thelma and Mary.

9 30 oclock

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Friday, August  9, 1918

Friday, August 9, 1918

A good day.

We are having some rain to night and thunder. I do hope that we wont have a storm. I know that God is able to cause it not to be so bad. The men helped Marvin with his primings all day and Josie and I helped this evening. Edna and Franklin staid at Carries all the evening.

Henry and Cordie Blair started to Richmond this morning. I do hope that they had a good trip. Josie got a letter from Mary Brumfield saying that she would not come here until September. We look for Thelma and Julia tomorrow hope that they may come.

Josie and I ironed this morning.

9 30 oclock

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Saturday, August 10, 1918

Saturday, August 10, 1918

A clear morning. Some rain this evening and I am glad. Ben and Paul and Henry suckered tobacco. Mr Baily come. He eat dinner here. Ben and Baily went to Finches this evening. Marvin and I and Reese went to Long Island to meet Thelma and Julia Brumfield.

Josie baked a cake this morning and got dinner.

To night Ben has gone to Strait Stone to the odd Fellows Lodge.

10 oclock

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Sunday, August 11, 1918

Sunday, August 11, 1918

A good day. Clouds a round this evening but no rain here.

We all staid at home to day until about night. Ben went to Carries Thelma and Julia [went] to Reynolds. Mr Mayhew and Mr Dews come. Ben and them played croquet.

Carrie and the children come a few minutes. Marvin brought them on the car.

Mr Owens brother come to see him this evening. I got the first corn from the corn field to day.

9 30 oclock

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