Friday, December 26, 1919




A good day. Ben hunted
some this morning. Kate Harvey
come a while today.

I went to Marvins and eat
dinner. Mr Padget & Dr Smith
and Mrs Smith was there.
Carrie had a nice dinner.
Had a turkey and ham &
cakes of different sorts
cranberrie sauce and custard.

Thelma & Mary Brumfield
and Jack Harvey come from
Richmond to day.

Ben went to Long Island
for them. Mr Owen had a
dance tonight. Had one at George

Ben & Jack and Josie and
Thelma & Mary and Henry
went up there and staid
a while. Thelm & Mary brought
me a book for 1920. Also a
founing pen & some candy. I am
glad of them.

11 oclock

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