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W. Kinsey diary, 1817.

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p. 3

[illegible?] Paris [illegible?] [illegible?] taino [illegible?] y bea [illegible?] ued Park -

thro' [through] Dijon Capital of Bur-gundy Burgundy, - formerly [Dinio?] } - a handsome & clean town - Tombs of the Dukes of Burgundy in the Cathedral - Two Boulevards, Parc de Colembier Parc de Colombiere - Palais de Conde C1793 the mu- -nicipality - Facade of the Church of St. Michael - & the College -

to Chalons Saint-Marcel-lès-Chalon } Bridge - Hospital & Quay - Saint Marcel once contained the tomb of Abelard & Eloise Heloise - public walks -

to Lyons } by water - [Cochedeau?] - (11." F. Patron: 1.F.") - beau-tiful & romantic views - particularly after passing the Isle de Cambe? - Cathedral - curious clock - Ruins of a Roman theatre, & aqueduct on the Mountain of St. Just - the exterior of la Charite & hotel Dieu - Abbaye St. Fleme - Place de bellecour - Hotel de Ville very handsome - remark Claudius's o-riginal speech on two tablets of brass in its vestibule - The Quays particularly that on the Rhone - Hills from this walk beautiful - public Library - the Junction of the Soane, & Rhone - the diffe-rent apperance of the two streams - distant Alps.

To Cerdon } Its situation - Lake of Nantua - loss of the Rhone near [Avanchy?] - Fort l'Écluse - on the right Mt. Blanc Mont Blanc - on the left Mt Jura Mont Jura - the whole road from Lyons to Geneva is truly beautiful - romantic & scarcely to be equalled -

& to Geneva } Lake - Environs - Setting of the Sun on the distant Alps - Junction of Rhone & Arve - beautiful color of the former river-

[written at angle, upside down:] mo

[written upside down:] [Laubenhein?] 1798 -

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