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Sunday, February 17, 1918

A good day. Ben went to see Charles this morning. He keeps mighty feeble. Lizzie and Paul Bennett and Reubin Reynolds was here for dinner.

Josie got dinner. She got a nice dinner. Fried ham and eggs tomatoes and potatoes and butter and preserves. She had it all so nice and attractive. I was proud of her fixin so well. I did not do any thing but keep company. Mr and Mrs Hutcherson was here this evenin. I was glad to have them. Lizzie and I went to Carries a while and to George Blairs and staid until bed time. Had a pleasant visit.

10 oclock

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Tuesday, May 7, 1918

A good day. Ben and Owen plowed some. Ben plowed in the garden.

I got dinner.

Josie made Ernest Lovelace a dress. Paul Smith and Roy staid here nearly all day.

They all did so well that we enjoy having them.

Josie went and bathed the baby this morning.

Mr Dews come this morning and got a pig. He paid $7.00 for it.

Paul Bennett come here today and went to work. He thinks he will make a crop of tobacco.

I hope he may stay and do well.

9 oclock

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Wednesday, May 8, 1918

A good day. Ben and Paul pulled weeds out of the plant bed. Owen plowed.

I went to Marvins this morning. Josie got dinner. I chopped some in the garden and a round the potatoes. Marvin sent his calf down here to day. Ben went to mill this evening.

I got a letter from Effie Brumfield to day. Paul and Roy staid here all day to day.

9:30 oclock

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Saturday, May 11, 1918

A good day. Just at night we had a shower.

Ben and Owen and Paul Bennett fixed up the fence this morning and plowed this evening.

Josie got dinner and churned. Marvin carried me and Henry and Denia Blair to Cedar Forest. We fished but did not catch anything. Reubin Reynolds come to see Paul to night. I am glad that he did.

9 oclock

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Sunday, May 12, 1918

A good day.

Ben and family went to Mr Jim Powers and spent the day. Paul Bennett went to Johnson Reynolds.

I staid at home most of the day went to Carries a while this evening.

Kate Harvey was there. She brought Hazel home.

We now intend starting to Richmond in the morning Mollie Reynolds and I.

9 oclock

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