Thursday, October 31, 1918




A good day. Ben got Marvins
horses and hauled logs and worked four
horses to the truck. Paul helped
to load on the logs.

Paul carried Dr Owen to see
Mr Dews this morning. He had
Bens car. Willie Mayhew has
a very sick childe the Dr was
to see it today. Clifton is still
very sick. Marvin and Carrie went
to see Doris Brumfield this
evening. Josie and I and the
Owen children and Henry
finished stripping a curing
of tobacco for Paul. We finished a
bout twelve. This evening
Cordie Blair and Doratha Worsham
and Ada Hutcherson come a while.
Ellen Bailiss and Louise Hutcherson
come to bring some
patterns that Josie let Mamie

9 30 oclock

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Ben W. Brumfield

This may be Lucy A. Hutcherson, 57-year-old wife of Jesse Hutcherson, or Louise M. Hutcherson, 5-year-old daughter of John Hutcherson.

Ben W. Brumfield

Ben W. Brumfield

It's definitely Louise, daughter of John and Mamie Hutcherson