Monday, July 7, 1919




A cloudy day. This morning
the fences washed down and
away. I lost a 4 galons of
milk besides lots of other damage.
Josie got dinner. Nellie
sowed some on Josies dress.
Evylin straitened up the
parlor. I churned. It was a
hard matter to get a fire
a bout eleven oclock.

Mr Glass and Mr Vonwagner
come. They eat dinner here.
Nell & Evylin went with
them to Chatham.

The boys killed the bees in
two hives this evening.

Jim & Ben and Mr Owen
went to Renan this evening.
There has bin three or four
cars passed here today.
The roads are very bad.

Josie & the children and I
went to Marvins this evening.

Paul Bennett got the car in the creek
and never got home until twelve to day.

10: o clock

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