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35o Cloudy & Foggy. S.W.
Ther. Thurs. Dec. 10, 1885 Wea.

Damp and disagreeable.
I was about home all day.
Willie rode to school on horseback.
Afternoon Dora walked
over to Benj H Miller's to a
meeting of the "Better Aquainted
after supper C drove over
after her with Fritz to the
buggy. I received from
George Grisby an envelope
containing my bill for professional
services $(6.50) & nothing
else, but should have contained
the money. Wrote to him
stating the case. Charley and
Dora came home before 10.o'clk
The entertainment at Miller's
having consisted of two temperance
lectures from a Mrs Barnes from
Brooklin. one lecture to young ladies &
one in the evening to the gentlemen.

29 Cloudy. W.
Ther. Fri. Dec. 11th, 1885 Wea.

Willie went to school on horseback.
The ground is frozen hard
again & the wind is "Raw" and
chilling. Received letter from F
Tyson. "Daily Sun" commenced
coming again. I have missed it
very much in the few days since
it had "run out". Little Philip
Robinson spent the afternoon
with Edward, who is "croupy" again.
Willie came home later than

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