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Do you go to church? I should think you had a good
opportunity of informing yourself of such articles
of faith that you may not be acquainted with.
There is [inserted] nothing that I wish so cincearly [sincerely]
as, that it was
in my power to lay all the proofs before you that
would bury in oblivion every doubt of the doctren [doctine] of Christ.
Is it posible possible] you have the slightest doubt of so holy a-
Doctren! [doctrine] No, no, I will not believe it. It would render
my dying moments wretched. I will tomorrow morning
at half past seven kneele [kneel] before our little alter [altar] at the
office, and breathe a prayer to God, that he in his
mercy may assist you by his grace to see as you
should, and do as you should.

Magaretta presented Mr Christy another daughter
four weeks since. Mr C. was very much disappointed -
that she did not give him a son. It is not named yet.
It is a fine healthy child. Can you realize it, that
Mag. is the mother of two children. well, well, it
is so. She is a devoted mother, and kind wife.

I do not think Mary Jane will ever marry
and I think it is best she should not, for I do not
think she was born with the dispotion [disposition] to please or
be pleased.

Shortly after I wrote you my last there was
a most unhappy circumstance took place at Susan Cooks. Two of her boarders
quarled [quarrelled] about some fulish [foolish] thing, and the result was,
that one shot the other through the heart, and the poore [poor]
young man that fell was intierly[entirely] cleane [clean] of given the
other any offense whatever he was highly respected
by his class mates, as well as all his femail [female] acquintance [acquaintance]

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