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Lexington Jan. 9th 1834

Dear dear boy

I received your welcome letter in due
time, and I do most hartely sympathize with you in
your sorrow for the death of Fanny. When I stated
her death to you, I did not communicate my
feelings, because I was convinced that you knew
how to apreciate her worth, and therefore can feel
her loss. She was dear to me, much more so than
I was aware of. I now, see all her perfections in
their brightest colours. You ask me my son to
pray for the repose of her soul, your wish is
granted Oh! how humbly can I kneele, and-
bow to the Just, and breathe a fervent prayer
for her departed spirit. excuse me Theodore for
dwelling on this melancholly subject, I feel that
it is due to her memory to speake of her some

I do grieve to hear you express so much
doubt of a future existance. Why will you my
child doubt or reject he christian religion, or
in this world, and the next. I do intreate you for
my sake for your sake and for Gods sake
to in-form yourself well upon the truths of
religion before you for me any fixed princpals [principles]

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