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realize that not only are they complete masters of the technique of hunting
but also that the period of over-confidence is past. They are now taking
advantage of every opportunity instead of the former confident expectation
that game will turn up whenever it is needed. Still, they are by no means
obsessed with the necessity for hunting, for the entry of July 29th tells us
that Maurer hunted and killed three seals while Crawford made a journey west
along the coast to take soundings in Doubtful Harbor and apparently to make
a survey of the coast. This was quite as it should be, for the best judge
of arctic conditions would have seen nothing serious in the situation of the
party at this time. Crawford’s survey of Doubtful Harbor showed that ships
could enter drawing four fathoms of water or more and that the shelter was
good from all winds but westerly.

On August 9th Crawford, Galle and Maurer set out on another
exploratory journey along the coast to the east and north. Before they left
walrus had been seen occasionally but the ice conditions had not been suitable
for pursuing them. The day the party left was foggy and Knight could hear a
large number of walrus snorting off to seaward somewhere but was unable to
see them. The next day the walrus were also about and a large, fat bear
walked into camp to be killed by Knight with one shot. The exploratory party
returned in four days, having gone no farther than Skeleton River. Appar-
ently the main purpose was a geological reconnaissance and they turned back
largely because of the continual rains.

August 16th "a large bear was seen on the ice offshore
from camp and it took to the water, coming in towards camp. We lined up
along the beach and Maurer killed it. A large, very fat bear."

The 17th was "the finest day we have had for a long time.
The sun actually shone for several consecutive hours, with a dead calm."
the summer up to this time had been almost continually foggy and rainy, with

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