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max 21
min 10.5

Shortly after breakfast Maurer thought he saw a seal on
the ice to the W. and started after it. The seal proved to be a
piece of block ice that we had not noticed before so he went
on down to the Harbor mouth. Crawford and I followed with a
load of our goods. Then the three of us scattered out and spent
some time watching for seals. The days results were ÷ Either
one seal seen twice of two seals seen singley by Maurer at which
he shot twice. Two mises. One seal seen by Crawford and I at
which Crawford shot once. Another miss. My opinion is that it
was only one seal seen by all of us at different appearances-
I shot and wounded a female Eider duck but it got out of
our reach and we did not like to waste any more ammunition
on it. Three Eiders in all seen today. Several fresh fox
tracks along the beach. No sea gulls seen. Clear, calm and
cold all day but now (10:30 P.M.) breezing up from the East
with a little snow. Hope there is open water off shore to-
morrow. Sawed a little wood and Galle sharpened saw.

Max 24
min -3.0

There seemed to be open water off shore this morning so Maurer, Galle
and I, with the sled, went out. The lead had nearly closed and young
ice had formed on the rest. While we we gone Crawford took a short
walk to the W. but saw nothing. We saw a couple of fresh fox tracks
in the ice. A raven was seen at camp. Calm & cloudy.

max 23
min 1.0

The ice broke off from the land fast ice about a mile from the
shore. Last night and today the four of ice went sealing.
The lead in of various widths from a few yds to an

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