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saw 4 old squaw ducks and a seal in the harbor mouth.
Shortly after we started with the sled Maurer and Galle thot
that they saw a bear up the river and started after it. The
bear turned out to be a black spot in the river bank. A
gull was seen at camp. The young ice on the sea is
6 or 7 inches thick. Light breeze from the W. Cloudy & cold.
No bear tracks seen and only on fox track.

1 seal C
max 25
min 11.5

Crawford arose long before the rest of us this morning and went
out to the lead, 40 minutes walk off shore. About 5:30 P.M. he
returned stating that he had killed a seal but was unable to
get it with the retriever. A seal gull had bit on the seal and
C. had shot it also. Galle and I went out with the dogs, sled and
sleds raft couver and I look all about the place that Crawford
said we would find the seal. No luck. I then went East a few
hundred yards and thru my glasses, I saw a sea gull eating
something on a small piece of ice amid a great deal of slush.
I launched the sled raft for the first time (and it was very
satisfactory) and after much difficulty I reach the place
where I had seen the gull eating. It proved to be the
last remains of the gull Crawford had shot. About 20
feet away I saw some bloody slush and under the
slush I found the seal. The large patches of slush had
been moving East all the time and I was at least
a half hour getting back to Galle who had brought
the dogs up abreast of me, not over 50 yards away.
The seal was a small male. One fresh fox track and
an old bear track. While looking for the the seal another

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