Status: Incomplete


Eider ducks but they are very hard to get within
shooting distance. Galle stunned a seal today and
the others will remain intact until better weather
to be made into a "poke"

max 38.0
min 26.0

A nasty day. Blowing a gale from the East
with a disagreeable drizzel. One seal seen to
the S. Very cloudy and dark.

1 seal M.
1 Brant K.

max 38.0
min 33.0

Maurer got one seal and wounded an-
other which got away and down his hole as
he was trying to kill it with his knife. I
shot one Brant. All hands busy making
seal pokes and general duties. Saw a
bear to the S South but he got wind
of camp and disappeared in the rough
ice. Variable airs. Warm.

1 Eider K
1 seal G.

max 42.5
min 33.5

Galle got a large seal to the S. W.M.
out sealing all day. No luck. Crawford
out a couple of hours, no luck. I spent
all of yesterday and to day making
pack- sacks for the dogs. Finished this
Evening. After sep supper I spent an
hour or so duck hunting. Only got one
female Eider. Saw a great many
ducks and geese today. Strong breeze
from the East. Cloudy

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