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max 36.0
min 30.4

After breakfast saw 3 seals in a new place to the
S.S.W. two at one hole near each other and one a
little distance off. Maurer started after them but the
snow was had a hard crust on it for it was still
cold and, the same old story, down they went. About
this time I saw a seal at the hole where Maurer
killed the last one () and started to crawl up
behind the blind which Crawford had built there. I
was as careful as I can be could be and when I
was 35 yds from the blind, which is 40 yds from the
seal, "same old story". Our names should be "hard
luck" or "incompatant," I am undecided which. Galle
took a walk up the river and shot a bird for a
specimen. Light breeze from S.E. [Intermant] Intermittant
sunshine & clouds with snow.

max 44.0
min 32.5

Maurer's seals appeared again this morning but when
he was several hundred yds away, they "turned flukes"
Coming back to camp he saw the seal that I went
after yesterday and but the same thing happened as
at the first hole. Later in the day the same seal
came out on the ice twice in as many minutes
and then bobbed his head out of the hole a few
times and "was seen no more" I took a walk to
the East as far as the walking was good, 2 1/2 mis. and
saw a great deal of wood which we hope to haul this
summer in the dory. Galle went to the West

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