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She surely understands what she is
told for she talks, reads and writes
English very well, but she seems to
have her mind set on doing the
opposite of what she is supposed to
do. Cloudy, calm.

Max 24.0.
Min 20.2

The seamstress refuses to patch a
pair of boots to day so I tied her
to the flag pole until she promised
to repair them. Kindness failing to
accelerate I am trying something of
a more forceful means. Galle to
his traps nothing. I cut wood and
did several small jobs necessary. Clear. Cold. Light air from North.

Max 26.6
Min 12.4

1 male fox
Galle went to traps and caught one fox.
I went out on the ice early this morning look-
ing for open water hoping to get some seals
or bears for dog feed. I went several miles
to the west ward but as walking on the ice
is nearly impossible because of the soft
snow, I came ashore and returned home to
camp. Two bears had been close to camp to west
a short time before but buthad become
frightened and had gone out on the ice.
Before leaving camp in the morning I told

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