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seamstress was told by me not to leave camp
but to do certain sewing but as it was
getting dark she came to the trapping camp
tired out. She said that she wanted to see
Crawford & Maurer and say "hello". She
evidently has hopes yet of getting a "man"
we brought her home on the sled. The
sick dog died about 8 a.m. today in
violent convulsions, and great care
is being taken that no other dogs get
around the place where he was tied.
Cold, slightly cloudy. Calm


Max 14.0
Min 2.2

I spent all day with the team hauling
wood at the trapping camp. Galle went
to traps but caught nothing. When Galle
arose this morning he found that some
time during the night the "foolish female"
had left (with a lantern) for the other
camp. When I got there Crawford and I
decided that I would not take her back
home on the sled, and that he would
not let her in their tent. Crawford and
I told her explicitly yesterday not to
leave the main camp again, but as
she had done so she would either have to
walk back or sleep out all night.
She came home at 7.30p.m. tired out.

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