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Min 28.5

20} Max 32.0
Min 22.0

cove where wood seemed to be plentiful so
stopped and erected a frame of drift
wood for the 8x10 tent. Not having had
any sleep the night previous we turned
in Early and the Friday we hauled
wood and cut blocks for the walls. The
snow was poor about camp so blocks
had to be cut on the hillside about
200 feet away. At dark it started to
blow and snow and we were forced to
quit but we had by that time put
all the blocks on one side of the
house. We finally decided that I
should return to the main camp on
the next morning the which, I
did. During the night of the &
one of the dogs (named Snowball) went
crazy and became very dangerous,
fighting with the other dogs & snap-
ing at the men. He will not eat
and continually barks at nothing. There
is nothing that I can do as far as I
Know, but I have given him two
"cascara" pills "for luck". I arrived at
camp at 12.30 p.m. and started to load
the sled for the return trip tomorrow
while we were gone Galle went to his
traps but had no luck. On the depar-

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