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Crawford & Galle arrived at camp at 8:30 P.M.
It was blowing so hard in the mountains that
they could not climb the highest of them. I worked
on the wood sled & Maurer cut wood. Maurer & I
went out on the ice about a quarter of a mile
today and found it very badly broken up. Very
warm & cloudy. Snowing. Strong breeze from N.E.

Temp not taken
Nearly finished wood sled today. Others at
general duties. Cold & clear. Light breeze from N.W.

Max 30.8
Min -3.5

Galle set out 10 traps to the Westward on
the tundra. Galle (after he came home) built
a snow home for storing purposes. I
also worked on wood sled. Maurer cut
wood and cleaned a bear skin. Dog feed
is getting low so tomorrow I am going
off shore to a large lead and try my
luck at sealing. Clear. Cold & Calm all day.
But now (10 P.M.) Cloudy & warm. Light
breeze from North.

1 fox
Galle went to his traps and found two traps
gone. He got one fox and coming home
in the dark he got slightly lost and
saw a bear while wandering around
trying to find his way home. He did

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