Friday, February  3, 1922

Friday, February 3, 1922

A good day. Very mudy and bad getting a bout. I have not bin out but little today. Ben milked for me. Josie done most every thing else. I churned and mended on overalls all day.

Ben & Jim made two crates for calfs [crossed out] calves that they intend to ship. We got the mail OK today. Josie got a package that she had ordered.

We cant go any wher and no one comes so we don't hear any news. Josie wrote to Carrie today. I think a bout them most of the time.

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Saturday, February  4, 1922

Saturday, February 4, 1922

A good day but it is raining tonight. Jim & Ben & Henry cut a little today. Jim commenced to smoke the meat today. Ben put a heater in his room. Mr Mayhew was here tonight. Ben & the children played games with him until ten oclock or near that. I got dinner today. Edna washed the dishes this morning & at dinner. Josie starched & ironed some. Today I mended some things. Ben milked for me this morning. There is so much mud that I cant get a round much.

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Sunday, February  5, 1922

Sunday, February 5, 1922

A bad day. There was rain snow and hail last night and this morning. We all had to stay at home and no one come. There is no one passin or very little. We had three meals. For dinner we had caned pork. It was fine. Josie bathed Mabel & Franklin & Edna bathed herself. Henry read most of the day,

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Monday, February  6, 1922

Monday, February 6, 1922

A good day. Very muddy. Jim and Ben went to the island this morning. They carried two calves. They got home a bout one oclock. Jim went to Renan this evening. Ben cut some wood. Josie made Pat a pair of pants and a blouse. I good dinner & and mended a rug. Henry & Edna went to school. The first time that Edna had bin in two weeks. Hugh Brumfield went to school today. Heard today that Cordie was sick a gain. I am very sorry for her and hope she may get well soon. Oh how I want to see Carrie & and her family.

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Tuesday, February  7, 1922

Tuesday, February 7, 1922

Snow this morning and cold & windy to night. Ben & Josie milked for me this morning & tonight. Jim fired the meat all day. Ben carrie Henry & Edna to school on the horses and went for them this evening.

Josie got dinner. I sewed some.

Ben made some quilting frames. Josie froze cream for supper.

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