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March 12, 1918.

My dear Mr. Tumulty:—

As we passed in the hall the other day, I
thought I heard you say you had seen my statement. As
I have not seen a clipping which carried the exact at-
titude I tried to express, I am taking the liberty of
forwarding the statement in the hope that you may have
a chance to glance through it.

I read almost with reverence this morning
the President's message to the Moscow meeting today.
If that body will show a recrudescence of the underlying
quality of the people of that nation and evidence that
honor and integrity dares to raise its head at last a-
gainst a reign of violence which has terrorized it, the
President will be recompensed for his patience and faith
in that nation.

Has it ever occurred to you how subject we
are to the formation of public opinion in this country
by foreign news, by the lack of censorship which permits
any foreign propoganda to find easy access here?

With kindest regards,

Sincerely yours,

Hon. Joseph P. Tumulty,
Secretary to the President,
Executive Mansion,
Washington, D.C.



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