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Aubrey House
Notting Hill W

Dear Sir

I was from home when your
letter arrived--resting, after some months
very hard work. or I should have replied
earlier to your eloquent appeal which I
have read with interest. though I cannot
concur in your eloquent appeal which I
have read with interest-though I cannot
concur in your opinions as to [our?] [mode?]
of work in England. Further _ it is not so
easy as you apparently imagine to get
men and women to [?] our numbers
of sympathizers increase rapidly but
not workers. I send you a copy of our
Report of the meeting to which the New
York Independent refers in its article. Our
Executive Committee consisting of 14
ladies, meet once every month at my
house _ the amount of work done this last
year you [?] father [?][?] idea
from our Report _ but that does not mention
the letters written - which are legion. In
England we must [?] quickly - continuously

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I find this letter very hard to read and I think I will come back to it another time, unless someone else picks it up