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23 Oct. 1855

Sir -
Mr. Clubby of Finthom House, has
called upon me today on the subject of Admiralty
Droits & has shewn me your letter to him
dated the 9 Inst - directing him to sell all wreck
&c that came into his possession on or before the
22 Ulto. inclusive -

I beg to acquaint you that I have
directed him not to attend to your Instructions, -
& to refer you to my letter of the 20 Inst - calling
upon you as the representative of your late Father
to deliver to me all Books Accounts, Notes &c
appertaining to wreck, that he had in his possession
at the time of his decease, - At the same time
I beg to assure you that whatever emoluments
he might have been entitled to, - up to that time, -
shall be duly paid to you, - But I apprehend
you have no authority, - as your fathers
representative, - to make sale of any wreck &c
as his authority ceased with his existence -
should you have made arrangements for Sale
of any wreck property - I beg you will have the
goodness to cancel the same - Also to apprize
me when it will be convenient for you to
deliver to me the Books &c required by my
aforesaid letter of the 20 Inst


Stephenson James

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24 Oct 1855

Received from Mr James Stephenson
of Bridlington Quay the undermentioned
Books & Papers appertaining to the Office of Recr.
of Droits of Admiralty

1 Report Book
1 Admiralty Regulations respecting Sights
6 Forms of Wreck Returns

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Transcription looks great thus far. Thanks for your work!

UVA Law Library

Transcription looks great thus far. Thanks for your work!