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No. 354 Relaxed Throut Dr. Hull
a salt spoonful of Salt - 1/3 that quantity of Cayenne pepper 1/2 wine glass Vinegar - to stand in the tub 2 hours, strain it & add a tea cup full of water & a little honey. Use it frequently as a gargle.

No. 355 Cough [?] Dr. Hull
1 oz [?] 1 gill white wine vinegar 3/4 oz Elixir of Vitriol 5 drops [?] to every Tablespoonful of the mixture for cough, hoarseness or oppression in the chest. Dose a dessert spoonful at bed time & a teaspoonful when cough is troublesome

No. 356 Sore Nipples Mrs. Stahlschmidt
1 oz white wax 1 oz spermacetti ointment 20 drops Brandy to be well mixed & put by the fire to dissolve again Mrs. Browne
1 Teaspoonful Brandy & 2 oz [?] oil. again Mrs. S. A. Browne
Fill a small phail with best green tea, Keep filling up with best Cognac Brandy. Use it night & morning for 8 weeks before [?] and occassionally after.

No. 357 Brimstone & Tracle Dr. Richardson Chatham
1/4 lb Treacle 1/2 oz cream brimstone 1/2 oz cream of tartar 1/2 drachm jalup. A small teaspoonfull every morn. for a week.

No. 358 Bears Grease.
1 lb lard 1/2 pint olive oil 1/2 oz of essence of lemon (or any other scent) Melt in jug in tub, when nearly cold stir in scent.

No. 359. Mince Meat Mrs. Browne
Sirloin Beef 1 1/2 lbs Suet 2 1/2 lbs Currants 3 lbs Raisins 1 lb Citrus peel 1/4 lb lemon & orange peel 1/4 lb loaf sugar 1 lb Cloves 1/4 lb of [Mace?] 1/4 of nutmegs 2 small Lemons 2 large ones Apples 4 large ones Salt 1 spoonfull & a little Brandy.

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