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No.211 Prussian Pudding 101
Take 1 pint of new Milk put into it a bit of lemon peel, & a little orange flower water, boil it with flour make it into a stiff pasty pudding let it stand till cold, then beat it in a marble motar with 5 eggs, 4 ozs clarified butter 2 spoonsful of Bread crumbs 1/2 lb currants & a little Brandy, sweeten it to your taste, butter the tea cups & fill them half full, take them in a quick oven, grate a little sugar over them before you send them to table.

No. 212 German Puffs (not good)
Take 1/2 pint milk, 6 eggs (1/2 whites0 2 ozs sweet almonds blanched & beat in a 1/4 lb butter, 1 spoonfull of Flour mixed well sweeten it to your taste half fill the cups & bake them 1/2 an hour in a slack oven serve them up with white wine sugar & butter.

No. 213 Mahogany, to clean,
2[?] worth of Beeswax, do spirits of Turpentine melted together in an earthen [?], rubbed on the furniture not [rubbed crossed out] touched till dry - put it on lightly

No. 214 Gloucester Jelly Mrs Ruder
1 oz Pearl Barley 1 oz Rice 1 oz Candied E[?] Root
1 oz Isinglass 1 oz Sajo boil these in 3 pints spring water down gently to a quart, strain it thro a sieve or gauze, let it stand till cool - a tablespoonful of this rich jelly in 2 tablespoonsful of warm milk taken twice a day, NB. It restored the Duke of Gloucester when quite given over.

No. 215 Childblains
Chalk finely powdered - rub into the hands or feet to cure or prevent childbblains.

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