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No. 382 Spanish Puffs.
1/2 pint flour 1/2 pint boiling water 2 oz Butter & 2 eggs take a table spoonful for each puff & fry them a light brown in lard, sift sugar over before sending to table.

No. 383 Apple Jam
Apples pared and [?] cut into pieces then baked till quite soft and equal weight of [loaf?] sugar is then to be added the whole to be boiled slowly till it appears stiff enough. About 15 or 20 minutes NB. If the apples are not quite soft befor adding the sugar they will not afterwards dissolve.

No. 384 To Preserve Fruit.
Plums, [durnsons?], cherries & wipe dry & put into bottles well corked & [?] down then put into cold water & let boil up then taken off the fire & let cool in the water.

No. 385 Pound Cake S. A. Browne
1 lb flour 3/4 lb Butter 3/4 lb Sugar 11 eggs
35 drops essence of lemon

No. 386 Rice Cake
6ozs ground Rice 6 ozs Flour 3/4 lb powdered sugar 1 oz Bitter Almonds 2 tablespoons white wine 8 eggs.

No. 387 Tapioca Pudding
3 oz Tapioca 1/2 pint new milk 1/2 rind of a lemon boiled in with it when tender to be chopped very fine & put back a little orange flower water 1/2 glass Madeira yolks of 4 eggs & whites of 2 well beaten to be put into a dish with crust [?] & baked.

No. 388 Orange Marmalade.
2 lbs oranges 2 1/4 lbs Sugar. 3 [?] water grate 1/2 the oranges & put them all on to boil till tender cut them. fire down picking out the seeds & stiring [?] clarify the sugar with the water in which they are boiled add the oranges & allow all to boil until it jellies which is in 10 or 15 minutes.

No. 389 Seed Cakes.
10 ozs butter 1 1/2 lb Flour 24 ozs Sugar 1 1/2 eggs 1 oz orange peel 6 ozs almonds. Work the butter with your hands into a cream drop in the eggs 2 at a time then add the flour sugar & fruit wisp as little as possible after they are all in ?carraway seed

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