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No. 193 Elder Wine as made for Queen Anne.
24 lbs of Malagarraisins picked & shred, to every lb put a quart of boiling water stir them well together, cover it close & let it stand 10 days, to every 6 quarts of theis add a quart of Elderberry juice letting them stand 1/2 a day, then strain it into a barrel, put it in a cool place & let it stand till March, the Elderberries must be done over the fire to be hot when you are to mix it. NB 300 lbs of Raisins to [?]

No. 194 Dropsy Mr. Byfield
Broom seed roasted like coffee with a very little bit of Butter in the pan, keep it in a dry botttle, grind & drink it as Coffee for breakfast & in the afternoon or 1/2 a fruit to be taken thrice a day.

No. 195 Cough Mr. Dixon
Put in a 1/2 pint phial a small teaspoonful of salt of wormwood then put in warm water & shake it well add 1 oz oil of Almonds mix them well & take a wineglass going to rest.
N.B. If oil of Almonds is not to be had, use common Olive oil.

No. 196 Bugs
1/2 a pint of the highest rectified spirits of wine. 1/2 pinr new distilled oil or spirit of turpentine, shake them together, break it into small bits half an ounce of Camphire shake it & wet well the bed & furniture, it will destroy Bugs & nits.

No. 197 Fish Sauce Mrs. B. Bullock
1/2 pint good Catsup
1/2 pint good Walnut juice
1/2 " fine soy
6 large anchovies
a little China vinegar, 2 shallots pounded, 3 do whole a little mace, ginger, cloves, black pepper & Horseradish
N.B. a glass of white wine & gone of Red port may be added when used for gravy - it will Keep in a dry place for years.

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