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Catalogue of Books
Dut: Academie 2.v:
Danse Des Morts 1.v:
Tableau Revol.ns [Revolutions?] 4.v:
Continuation - 7 v:
Historie de [Malbro?] 3. v:
French Synonyms. 2.v
} [Illegible?] [2nd?] on Italy 2.v:

1. Map of France -
Ebel's Manuel - 4.v:
Voltaire's Louis 14th - [45th?] 3.v:
La [Haipe's?] Works - 16v:
1. Roll of pictures.

L'Homme des Champs. 1.v:
Itineraire Genevè Geneva. - 1.v:
Do [Ditto] - de Susse [Suisse?]. - 1.v:
& Almanack - 1 - v:
Historie d'[Emielden?]
- Do. [Ditto] des Salines 1.v:

Corneilles = 5.v:
Racine - 4.v:
Boileau - 1 - v:
Genève Geneva in care 1:v. -
Berne -
Volumes de Toched [de la Roché?] 3. -

Pamphlets {
Les Provencaux - 1.v:
Waterloo - 1.v:
Les deux Anglais - 1.v:
Maison Funebre -1.v:
Voltaire's Zaire - 1.v:
Journal d'un [baggeur?] 1.v:

Itineraire de Lyon - 1.v.
Guide to the [Lovure?] 1.v:
Picture of Paris - 1.v:
Itinerarie du [Rigri?] 1.v:
1. Map of [Scupe?]
1. [Fr.?] Grammar -
Itineraire de France. 1.v:
[Ma'ne Genlis?] 1.v:
& vocabulary -
Voyage on the Rhine - 1.v:
Gardens of [Sro'n?] - life of R. Marshals -
L Duclos - 3. small volumes -
Map of Rouen Rouen- 1-v.

[Text in pencil:]

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This list of titles is divided into sections by horizontal lines and } text decorations.

Unclear abbreviation "v" may refer to "volume." (See the word "vocabulary" midway on page for an example of Kinsey's "v.")


Contains text in ink and in pencil, perpendicular to each other, in seemingly two different handwritings. The pencil text only includes numbers.