W. Kinsey diary, 1817.


  • UPenn Ms. Coll. 919
  • Diary of an Englishman, possibly W. Kinsey of Bognor Regis, England. The first nine pages of the diary are written in pencil with the remainder in ink. The journal begins on 4 July 1817 as Kinsey embarks on his trip from London, England on his way to France. In the first few pages Kinsey mentions he is traveling with a companion named Henry. Kinsey includes detailed descriptions of all his destinations. He describes the streets in large cities and small villages, activities he observes, the people, and relevant historical events or anecdotal stories. Kinsey observes the evening ritual in Paris, as people pour out of their homes crowding every street, some being entertained by jugglers. He visits major museums, cathedrals, large cities, and small villages. Highlights of his travels in France include Rouen, St. Cloud, and Lyon. At the beginning of August, Kinsey enters Switzerland, where he spends a large portion of his journey. Kinsey takes a three-day guided tour from Geneva to Marigny. After this tour Kinsey gives the reader travel advice on guided tours. He describes the valleys, the mountains, lakes, and landscape of Switzerland. In the journal Kinsey has sewn in small cut out engravings of some of the mountain areas in Switzerland. Also sewn in the journal is a folded paper strip of hand drawn, colored coats of arms representing twenty-two cities in Switzerland. By 10 September 1817 Kinsey is touring Germany and talks of the Danube and the Rhine Rivers. He visits Manheim, Cologne, and Münster, among other cities. Throughout his travels Kinsey records the hotels and inns where he stayed and the prices. He writes of the bookshops he goes to and the books and maps he buys on the journey. Kinsey also records when he posts and receives mail. By early October 1817 Kinsey returns to England. The last four leaves of the volume contain a catalog of books he has purchased and the city. A plan for a trip to Holland follows the list. On the second-to-last leaf of the volume is a colored engraving with the words "S. Vulnera Jesu," Kinsey writes: "Given by the Capuchin monk at Staatz."


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    [Transcription of text in ink:]

    1st -

    14th - 15th - 16th - 17th - 18th - 47 - 47 - 47 - 47 - 47 Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday

    Re'd [Recieved?] for these five days - [illegible?] franc Alexandre

    [horizontal line]

    25th 47 Dimanche Samedi - 1/2 [day?] - 2 F. [Francs] & bill for Shoes 1 F- 10 [?]. Alexandre

    [horizontal line]

    21st July. Portier d'Hotel demande 2 [pour?] des bottes - 1 day - Monday - 1 [pr?] Tuesday 1 - [?]

    Parkes [chemical?] Catherine 1 - 12th [botte]?

    Mr Galet rue [du?] plat no.6 [d'?] Lyon

    [Text in pencil not yet transcribed.]

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    [illegible?] Paris [illegible?] [illegible?] taino [illegible?] y bea [illegible?] ued Park -

    thro' [through] Dijon Capital of Bur-gundy Burgundy, - formerly [Dinio?] } - a handsome & clean town - Tombs of the Dukes of Burgundy in the Cathedral - Two Boulevards, Parc de Colembier Parc de Colombiere - Palais de Conde C1793 the mu- -nicipality - Facade of the Church of St. Michael - & the College -

    to Chalons Saint-Marcel-lès-Chalon } Bridge - Hospital & Quay - Saint Marcel once contained the tomb of Abelard & Eloise Heloise - public walks -

    to Lyons } by water - [Cochedeau?] - (11." F. Patron: 1.F.") - beau-tiful & romantic views - particularly after passing the Isle de Cambe? - Cathedral - curious clock - Ruins of a Roman theatre, & aqueduct on the Mountain of St. Just - the exterior of la Charite & hotel Dieu - Abbaye St. Fleme - Place de bellecour - Hotel de Ville very handsome - remark Claudius's o-riginal speech on two tablets of brass in its vestibule - The Quays particularly that on the Rhone - Hills from this walk beautiful - public Library - the Junction of the Soane, & Rhone - the diffe-rent apperance of the two streams - distant Alps.

    To Cerdon } Its situation - Lake of Nantua - loss of the Rhone near [Avanchy?] - Fort l'Écluse - on the right Mt. Blanc Mont Blanc - on the left Mt Jura Mont Jura - the whole road from Lyons to Geneva is truly beautiful - romantic & scarcely to be equalled -

    & to Geneva } Lake - Environs - Setting of the Sun on the distant Alps - Junction of Rhone & Arve - beautiful color of the former river-

    [written at angle, upside down:] mo

    [written upside down:] [Laubenhein?] 1798 -

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    ==From Geneva to the valley of Chamouni Chamonix, near the line of the Arve.==

    to La Bonneville } In passing to the Valley of Chamouni Chamonix you see a truly interesting country -

    to Cluse - } its situation - cascade near Marglans Magland? - those of [Aspunas?], & [Ceddre?]-fall of the Arve near - The entrance into the Valley of Chamouni Chamonix [fine?] - Glacier of Bossons - Glacier of the Valley of Ice - Montenvet Montenvers? - Sea of ice Mer de Glace - route de glace -

    to Sallenche Sallanches - } Town of Savoy on the river Arve

    to Servez - in the [bas valais ?] } Mt. Blanc Mont Blanc - needles &c &c - From Chamouni Chamonix by le Prieure across the Mts. & by the Col de Balme, to prospect from the Col de Balme

    Trient - } Glacier - miserable village surrounded by high mountains - Goitres & Cretins - [leaving?] St. Branchier Sembrancher

    to the left? - over the mountains, to

    Martigni Martigny - } on the left the beautiful cascade of Pisse Vache Cascade de la Pissevache 200 ft - large & magnificent -

    to St. Maurice Saint-Maurice - } Its bridge - }

    to Bex - } Its' salt-works

    to Aigle - }

    to Villeneuve - } at the extremity of the Lake Leman Lac Léman, Lake Geneva -

    to Chillon - } Chateau de Chillon - } Clarens

    [Written upside-down:] Lausanne

    to Vevay Vevey - } In the Canton de Vaud - on the lake de Geneve Lake Geneva - prospect from the upper Ch. yard in the evening - rays of light on Jura Jura Mountains, red & on the Alps yellow - Meilline Meilen? - Jura - &c &c vide la nouvelle Heloise de Rousseau. by - [Calli & lubri?] - or upon [the?] Lake

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    [Printed, colored image on paper not bound into codex is inserted into item.

    It appears to be loose within the codex. It depicts a crucifix with multiple adornments including crown of thorns, heart, hands and feet, and cherubic faces.

    At the base of the crucifix is the text:

    S. Vulnera Iesu

    Along the bottom of the image is the text:

    M. Gleich. A.V.]

    Given me by the Capucin [Capuchin?] Monks at Staatz.

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