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[Actors And Actresses.]

[Their Adopted Patronymies and Their
Names in Private Life.]

[If the reasons were given by actors and ac-
tresses for the assumption of fictitious names
it would be itself make the most interesting
portion of the history of the stage. The vo-
taries of the Thespian art, for numerous un-
accountable reasons, have buried their indi-
viduality, and even their personality, in
names suited excellently for programmes, and
one reason for all the pretty names one sees is
that they are dictated by the fancy of the
wearer and cling to the person through a
whole lifetime. Following is a revised list of
the fictitious names of actors and actresses on
the American stage, alphabetically arranged:
Archer, Belle - Mrs. Mackenzie.
Asten, Knight - Formerly known as Signor
Adams, Annie - Mrs. Kiscadden.
Atherton, Alice - Mrs. Willie Edouin.
Bates, Mrs. F. M. - Mrs. Charles Lord.
Bateman, Kate - Mrs. Crowe.
Blanchard, Kittle - Mrs. McKee Rankin.
Branscombe, Maud - Mrs. Stuart.
Booth, Mrs. Agnes - Formerly Agnes Pery.
Barnes, Courtney - Daughter of Rose Eytinge;
now Mrs. O'Brien, or otherwise Mrs. John T.
Bailey, Hannah - Mrs. H. J. Sargent.
Bantanti, Mlle. M. - Mrs. Hoffman.
Bandman, Mrs. Daniel - Was Miss Alice Her-
Beverly, Maud - Maud Stuart.
Bellini, Signora - Laura Woolwine.
Barrett, Lawrence - Real name Lawrence
Byron, Oliver Doud - Oliver B. Doud.
Berrie, Myra - Mrs. Francis Wilson.
Claxton, Kate - Formerly Mrs. Dora Lyon,
now Mrs. Charles Stephenson.
Chanfrau, Mrs. F. J. - Formerly Henrietta
Coombs, Jane - Mrs. Brown.
Corcoran, Katharine - Mrs. James A. Hearne.
Cowell, Sidney - mrs. George Giddens.
Carey, Eleanor - Mrs. Clarence Livingston.
Davies, Phoebe - Mrs. J. R. Grisner.
deaves, Ada - Mrs. Tom Gossman.
Delmore, Ralph - Rightname, J. Dunarumma.
Dunning, Alice - Mrs. Horace W. Lingard.
Davenport, Fanny - Mrs. Edwin Price
Drew, Mrs. Frank - Was Louisa Mayners, af-
terward Mrs. C. I. Stone.
Dare, Leona - Bridget McCarthy.
Dufray, Mile. Mariana - Is Mary Ann Duffy.
Duclos, Ninon - Bridget O'Brien.
Duvalll Sisters - Were Mrs. Hall and Mrs.
Doyle, Minnie - Mrs. Charles R. Howard.
De Murska, Ilma - Changed her name four
times; it is now Mrs. Hill.
Ellsier, Effie - Mrs. Frank Weston.
Eytinge, Rose - Formerly Mrs. G. H. Butler,
now Mrs. Cyril Searle.
Florence, Mrs. W. J. - Her maiden name was
Malvina Pray, and she is a sister of Mrs. Bar-
ney Williams. they were formerly known as
the Pray Sisters, danseuses. Mrs. Florence was
Mrs. Little before she married Billy Florence.
Germon, Effie - Was Mrs. Carlo Patti, and
was afterward Mrs. Nelse Seymour.
Gilbert, J. G. Mrs. - WAs Sarah K. Garrett.
Gilbert, Katie - Mrs. Harry Bell.
Griffiths, Aggie - Mrs. Ralph Delmore.
Heron, Bijou - Now know as Helen Stoepel.
Harrold, Lizzie - mrs. McCaull.
Hawthorne, Louise - Was Mrs. George Mor-
Irwin, Mrs. Selden - Was Mrs. H. Rainferth.
"Imogene" - Mrs. Nat Hyams.
Janauschek, Mad. - Mrs. F. Pillot.
Johnson, Rachel - Mrs. Barney McAuley.
lewis, Catharine - Mrs. Arfwardson.
Lewis, Jeffries Miss - Mrs. Maitland.
Leighton, Louise - Mrs. W. T. Eckert.
Lotta - Miss Charlotte Crabtree.
Lucca, Pauline - Baroness Von Walhofen.
Lingard, Dickie - Her real name was Harriet
Sarah Dunning; she is now Mrs. D. Dalziel.
Lane, Emma - Mrs. Gil Robinson.
Lake, Agnes Mrs. - Mrs. Hickok, widow of
Wild Bill.
Levering, Annie - Mrs. T. H. McVicker.
Logan, Olive - Mrs. Wirt Sikes.
Logan, Celia - Mrs. Connelly.
Logan, Eliza - Was Mrs. George Wood.
Lawlor, Mrs. Frank - Was Josie Mansfield.
Langley, Georgianna - Is the divorced wife of
Charles Furbish.
Lynton, Ethel - Mrs. W. F. Bray.
Morris, Clara - Mrs. Frederick Harriott.
Mitchell, Maggie - Mrs. Henry T. Paddock.
melville, Emily - Her right name was Jones;
she is now Mrs. Thomas Derby.
Markham, Pauline - her right name was mar-
garet Hall; she is now Mrs. mcMahon.
Maddern, Emma - Mrs. James Nixon; now
Mrs. Stephens.
Maddern, Minnie - Mrs. Le Grand White.
Moore, Maggie - Mrs. James C. Williamson.
McHenry, Nellie - Mrs. John Webster.
McDowell, Kate - Mrs. Morey.
Modjeska, Madame - Countess Bozenta.
Morant, Fanny - mrs. Charles Smith.
Mowatt, Anna Cora - Was Mrs. W. F. Ritchie.
Marriott, Miss - Mrs. Robert Edgar.
Murray, Dominick - His real name is John Moran.
Murielle, Constance - Mrs. Charles Bennett.
Mayhew, Katy - Mrs. Harry Widmer.
Morlacchi, Giuseppina - Widow of Texas
Nilsson, Christine - Is the widow of Rouzaud.
Newton, Eliza - Was Mrs. Blackmore.
Newtown, Kate - Was Mrs. Charles Backus.
Oates, Alice - Formerly Alice Merritt; mar-
ried James A. Oates, then married Tracy Titus,
and is now Mrs. Watson.
Orton, Josie - Mrs. B.B. Wolf.
Osborne, Henrietta - Mrs. F. Bert.
Osborne, Rose - Mrs. Brewster.
Osborne, Mand - Mrs. Gus Frohman.
Pappenheim, Eugenia Mme. - Mrs. Ahrens.
Pieris, Nullie - Mrs. Carlo Patti.
Putnam, Kate - Mrs. J. J. Sullivan.
Pierce, Abbie - Mrs. Harry Colton.
Palmer, Minnie - Mrs. John Rogers.
Post, Lillie - Mrs. Frank Blair.
Roze, Marie - Mrs. Henry Mapleson.
Rigl, Betty - Mrs. Whitney.
Rosseau, Eme - Miss Emeline Reed.
Raymond, Kate - Is the divorced wife of H.
B. Gates.
Ravel, maretta - mrs. martin W. Hanley.
Raymond, John T. - His real name was John
O'Brien until the law permitted him to adopt
his stage name.
Robson, Stuart - His real name was Harry
Robinson, Yankee - His real name was Fay-
ette Robinson.
Russell, Lilian - Mrs. Braham.
Revel, Mollie - Mrs. W. H. Fitzgerald.
Sylvester, Louise - Mrs. F. F. Mackay.
Seguin, Zelda - Her maiden name was Zelda
Harrison; she is now Mrs. Wallace.
Scott-Siddons, Mrs. - her real name is Mrs.
Canter. It appears that her husband's father
objected to having his name used on the stage,
so her husband adopted the maiden name of
his mother, Scott, by law; but Miss Siddos
objected to giving up her name, and the matter
was compromised by both assuming the name
of Scott-Siddons.
Swain, Carrie - Mrs. Sam Swain.
Thompson, Charlotte - Mrs. Lorain Rogers.
Thompson, Lydia - Mrs. Alex Henderson.
Temple, Rose - mrs. Jones.
Tom Thumb, General - Real name Charles
Vickers, Mattie - Mrs. Charles S. Rogers.
von Stamwitz, E. - Mrs. Salisbury.
Weathersby, Eliza - Mrs. N. C. Goodwin.
Wainwright, Marie - mrs. Louis James.
Western, Helen - Was Mrs. James A. Hearne.
Wallace, Nellie - Mrs. W. B. Henry.
Winston, Jennie - Mrs. A. H. Bell.
Webb, Ada - Mrs. W. M. Connor.
Webster, Florence - Mrs. Charles Selig.
williams, Esther - Mrs. J. Cochrane.
Young, Fanny - Mrs. Morrison.]

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