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self, telling me he knew no man that did think
at that rate, but such a person, who was the
Author indeed. And the truth is, these Writings
do not obscurely speak their author, being a most
lively representation of him, that is, of his
Mind and Soul, and of that Learning, Wisdom,
Piety and Virtue, which is very eminent and
conspicuous in him; particularly that of the Great
Audit, which I use to look upon as his very
picture, wherein representing the Good Steward
passing his Account, it was impossible for him
not to give a lively Representation of himself;
as every Character of a truly wise and virtuous
persons must needs agree with him who is really
such; and they who are eminently such can
hardly be unknown: and therefore it is not im-
possible that some, even from the consideration
of the work, may discover the work-man, besides
many other occasions of discovery which may
But as I thought this too weak and insuffi-
cient, so I could not but think it altogether
needless, and unworthy both the excellent
Author, and these his pious and excellent me-
ditations, to be made use of to that end; and
should much rather have abstained from publish-
ing them at all, than have relyed upon such
a shift, if I had thought that they had stood
in any need thereof. But as it was only their
real Worth and Excellence, and Usefulness which

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