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and having received his opinion and commen-
dation of them, and that he judged them like
to do much good, and such as would be very sea-
sonable to be published, I began further to con-
sider whether and how they might be pub-
lished without either Wrong or Injury on
the one side, or Offence on the other, to the
Author. And for the former I reckoned that
his concern in it was either in respect of the
Disposal of the Copy, wherein would be no
great difficulty; or more especially in respect of
the Writings to be published, if either there
should occurr any thing therein not fit to be made
publick; or if they were not so well polished
and perfected as might be for his credit and
And although this might seem to be provided
for in some sort by Concealing his Name
(which truly I should much rather have made
known, but that I knew I must then venture
doubly to incurr his displeasure) yet I looked
upon this as but a weak and insufficient provi-
sion, in as much as it is not unusual for Learned
men even from the very stile and genius of
writings to discover the writers; an expriment
whereof I had seen in a person of learning and
parts, to whom upon occasion I once shewed one
of the writings of this Author, but purposely
concealed who the author was, whom notwith-
standing be soon discovered from the writing it

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