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239 Ink to mark Linnen
3 ounces of [?] Beans, burn them
in a Shovel over the Fire & powder. Tie this
powder in a Rag & boil for 1/2 an Hour in a
pint of Juice of Sloes - Bottle it, stop close
& keep for Use.
[?] This is also an excellent
Writing Ink which cannot be defaced. You
may mark more Linnen with this in one
Hour than with a Needle in many days
The Linnen must be dry when you mark
it then write with a clean Pen as on Paper
When the Linnen is washed the Marks will
be purple & cannot be taken out but by [?]

240. Ink Powder
5 oun: of the best Smyrna Galls, pow
derd & sifted fine, add 1 oz of white [?]
a 1/2 oz of Roman Vitriol 1/2 oz of Gum Arabic
or [?] Powdered finely [illegible strike through] [?]
1 oz of this Powder will make a Pint of black

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