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Shake or stir well every Day. In a Month
it will be good Ink.
The longer you keep this
Ink the better it will be for use
Put a little salt to it & will not mould

237 Fine Japan Ink
A quart of Rape Vinegar, put into
a strong b=Bottle with a narrow Mouth
put in Gum Arabic & Roman Vitriol of each
4 Drams; Smyrna Galls well bruised 4
ounces. Set the Bottle in a warm Place
shake often, till the Liquor is black -
Then add 4 Drams of Ivory Black & 2
large Spoonfulls of Seed [?] Varnish & it
will be a curious shining Ink

238 Good Red Ink
A Pint of stale Beer. 2 ounces of
Brazil Wood ground to Powder, 2 Pennyworth of
Cochineal - 2 oz of Rock Allium. & 1 oz of Gum Arabic
Boil gently for 1/2 an hour, Strain thru Flannel,
bottle close for use

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Cochineal is a bright red coloring agent made from ground insects. It is still used as "natural coloring" in food, beverages, and cosmetics today. If you see the words "cochineal" or "carmine" on the label, you are about to ingest bugs.