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{sidebar: From the Observes
March 23 1800}
236 To make Potatos
grow sooner.
It is said that if Potatoes
are put mear the Fire that are intended
for early Growth, it will induce them to shoot
& then by cutting the Potato & planting it
carefully with the Shoot uppermost it will
produce a Crop 5 or 6 weeks sooner than
by the common Way of setting them & be
more productive

236 The best Black Ink
Rx a Quart of Rain or River
Water, pitit into a strong Stone or Glass
Bottle with a narrow Mouth to keep
out the Dust. Bruise 4 oun of the best
blue Alleppo Galls which are stronger
than the [?] 2 oun of [Copperos?]
green. 2 oun of clean & bright Gun Arabic
Rock Allum 4 Drams of Rock Allum

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