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Air of the Plant gives it such an additional
Portion as is necessary & by this Means
one Seed is multiplied to a Hundred.
Hence the Spirit in the
Bread & Corn is the Cause of its Vegetation
& Multiplication -
For if you take the Caput
Mort. of the Liquor left in the Glass, & put
it into an earthen Vessell & cover it
with an Iron Plate: the Matter will
penetrate it in a few days; & you will
see 1000 Spicula like Hairs upon the
Top like Corn growing, which shows the
Nature of Vegetation, the Earth seeking
its Spirit & as it were a Resuscitation [sic]
of the Plant.-

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"Caput Mort" on this page is Caput Mortuum, translates to "death's head". It is a term used in alchemy to describe the ultimate remains of an alchemical process signifying something that can't be changed, and is thus worthless.