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Dear David,

Thank you for the catalogue "Comtemporary
Visual Expressions". It was a pleasure to
receive and read. you continue to break new
ground and do consistently good things for
the art world, especially Black Artists.

I am firmly settled back in Connecticut
although a few consulting jobs bring me to Wash.
at least twice a year. I am presently working
on and researching "Conn. African-American
Artists, Past & Present" (the title of the book
if ever I finish) When I arrived back in
Conn., several artists including Michael Borders asked
me if I would organize them again as I had before
moving to Wash. in 1976. I thought about it for a while
but decided I could best serve them by publishing
material on them and their work. Out of that decision
grew this project. While researching early Black
Conn. artists, I found out about C.E. Porter and
this current exhibit. I bought the catalogue and was
delighted to see that you had been a part of this project.
I know how busy you are, but if you have any additional
information on any Conn. Black artist of the past, please let
me know. When I finish, I will of course share my findings
with you.
Please stay strong, Keep up the good work
and say hello to Thelma for me.
Best Regards,

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