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It will take me 15 days from here to Pembina
a week or two there - and 20 back to [illegible]
and 5 to 10 home - [illegible] will be middle of
October - I feel a little blue once in
awhile but manage to drive it off -
sometimes Ill get my mind on some of you &
think of what you must be doing and then
a lump gets into my throat and hurts me
But I [underline begins] am [underline ends] having a grand chance to
[underline begins] learn [underline ends] and it makes one more of a man
too - I send back from here my largest
alcohol can full of fishes etc it is in one-end
of the old alcohol box, in other end are shells
insects boxes etc - I send the box with two
buffalo skulls packed in a gunny sack to the
american House St Pauls
I think if I get a chance Ill go on to
Selkirk Settlement while at Pembina
I have sunburned my back to a blister
and now as it is [getting well] it nearly [crazes]
me and I cant write if I [illegible]
Hundreds of kisses to the girls
and love to all
I [write] from Lapham's

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