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& the Literary Digest -- will help to confirm these opinions. E[ ] In
the chaotic state of mind in which European the deplorable conditions
of Europe & Asia have left millions of the World's inhabitants
it occurs to me I am impressed with the thought that instead of constantly deploring the ills
that have come to us & bewailing the our fate, it would be
of constructive advantage to turn our attention to the crying
need of strengthening their asperations hearts & rekindling the belief in
the Ideal. What is needed today is to bring into new
the unchanging & imperishable truths the abiding
things of life & to from them to discover the new truths
which for men's moral guidance & uplift. We who live in America cannot
to stand still & transfixed & become the mere passive onlookers
of a world torn asunder by a volcano of unbridled hatred, fury &
passion. By Education in self-restraint, & self-denial
much can be accomplished to Safeguard the integrity
of our country & to maintain a high standard of
citizenship. It is a matter of returning to 1st principle
as promulgated to the world by the mosaic legislation &
prophetic utterance. Day by day What is the use of
our success & our prosperity, our fine Extravagant homes & Everything Else

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