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The Modern Tendencies asperations ---

"Hope in the Lord be of good courage & he shall strengthen thy Heart"
This is one of the many sentiments of the ancient Hebrew Bible
that whose influence over the heart & mind is like a moral
tonic. s[ ]ling And that we need Anyhow the Psalms of David
have stimulated more people & inflicted more moral strength
& aroused the more dormant hearts & dejected Spirits of more
people than any other book of Liberatine, ancient or modern.
We ca no wonder its application & freshness are today as
powerful & dominant as if they were of yesterday's creation.
The present tendencies of modern life its complication
together with the increasing tension in the struggle for existence.
sometimes cast a sickly hue over man's prospect &
leave him now on the verge of despair now on the heights
of hope
. If we study the various phases of life &
analyze the state of our Liberatine, our Art our Politics
our society, if we possess a critical penetrative mind
& can prove the heart of things, we cannot fail to
discover much in all these things that is decadent & fills us with a
possibly degenerate feeling of dissatisfaction. Use reputable Literary magazines
such as the N. Amer. Review, The Hibbert Journal, 19th Century

Notes and Questions

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There are several instances where the letter "C" appears to be capitalized and I transcribed it as such. But I was uncertain if capitalization of the letter "C" was indeed warranted.


Transcription lines 11 & 19: the word "Liberatine" appears to be a misspelling of "libertine." "Liberatine" seems to be used as a noun by the author. I interpret its contextual use to mean 'an immoral, promiscuous society or lifestyle.'

Line 24: The Hibbert Journal was titled as a Quarterly Review of Religion, Theology and Philosophy.