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But what of ourselves? What of ourselves here in Dallas?
While we have sent approximately $600 a month during the year
1915 have we done all we could have done? Have we done
all we can do & are doing? I do not think so. For there
are many -- I should imagine there are hundreds of us here
who have not yet contributed one cent towards keeping alive
a little babe, an old decrepit father, a sick mother in amid
the blaze of bullets left alone in the world over there in
the midst of all this convulsion. There are some whose
hearts are so cold & consciences so dead that they
cannot or will not see the duty & responsibility that
is placed upon them in this greatest of all Crimes
in Jewish History. As Jews we must at least have
the satisfaction of knowing that each one of us, of the poor
the middle classes, the rich, is doing his ample
duty to his own flesh & blood-the people men &
the women of his own race who are holding out
their trembling hands to us across the csea
begging for help. Shall we some of whom are living
wallowing in luxury & enjoyi denying themselves nothing

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