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[fol. vii.]


the names of which I cannot recall now, but those of you who
have come from there know what they are & where they are,
of Rabbis hanged to telegraph poles, men & women shot down,
the wives & mothers & daughters of men in the army ravished,
women running to the synagogues, take hold of the horns of
the altar for safety & not being protected; synagogues
shot through & burned down, the scrolls of the Torah desecrated.
Every possible indignity, every possible brutality practiced,
not upon 1 family, but upon a whole people, upon thousands
upon millions of your brothers & mine." I could go through
this book & read from paragraph after paragraph & page after page
of this harrowing tale. It is not as through one men & women
were suffering merely because they are in the battle zone or
in the line of fire. They need relief because they are Jews.
I will read you one more thing more -- a letter also read
at the Carnegie Hall by a Russian Jew. "More"

The magnitude of the tragedy cannot possibly be
imagined by mortal men. You must read the horrors
You must be told in order to get but a faint conception

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