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14th. Miss Holland went out this evening
Mr Bowmaker held a service.
Dr Nathan Visited.

15th. I took Martha Buckle to the
Infirmary this morning. Wrote a
note to endeavor to get the washing
of [off] the Galatea. Mrs Mills Visited.

16th. Lizzie Darnes refused to work for
the Laundress or any one else, failing
to persuade her to obey the Laundress,
I took her to the Old Mangling room
after half an hour's solitude, she sent
for me and expressed her sorrow for
her bad behaviour, asking me to speak
to Miss Holland, and the Laundress for her.
She expressed her sorrow for burning her
copy book and also for disobeying the
Laundress, and has returned to work
on good earnest. Ellen Scott a young
girl came to the gate asking to be
taken in. She wished to reform, she
has been in the house of the Good Shepherd
already. I have taken her in waiting
the decision of the Committee on
Tuesday next. A young woman called
between nine & ten o'clock wishing for
a night's lodging I sent her with a
note to the Matron of the Benevolent
Asylum asking her to take her in.

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