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Dec Wednesday 4th
Took Harriet Pinkett to the station to go to Penrith to the service
of Joseph Single Esqr to recieve [receive] ten shillings per week
Maggie Conroy to go by the Grafton Steamer to night
into the service of Captain Gerrard Pilot at the Macleay River.

Thursday 5th
Kate Barry and Charlotte Perry made their escape
last night and were taken very soon after by the Police
kept in the lock up all night and brought back this
morning the Ladies are trying to get Charlotte Perry
into the Reformatory.

Friday 6th
The inmates are very quiet this morning going on
with their work steadily.

Saturday 7th
The inmates working steadily it has a beneficial effort
sending Charlotte Perry to the Reformatory.

Sunday 8th
Mr Mills came and held service in the morning no service
in the afternoon we read to the inmates with which they
seemed most pleased I sent for one of the inmates
named Anne Dredge three times each time she sent
to say she would not come I recommenced her to be got in
to the Lunatic Asylum sometimes she laughs fearfully
at other times she utters the most horrid oaths and knocks
and abuses herself vowing she will cut her throat or chop
her hands of [off] with the axe the only way I can manage
her is by putting her into the cold bath where she is right
she is a most industrious girl when she is in a passion
she is peacful [peaceful] to be near

Monday 9th
Amie Predge again very troublesome
inmates working cheerfully

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Contains information which some may find distressing or triggering