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1867. [underscored]

October 5th
Jane Brownless has been very
ill all night we decided about 1/2 past 4 o clk
this morn'g that Dr Rendwick [underline] must [end underlined] be sent for
without further delay. accordingly Miss Galbraith
went at 5 oclk to his house. The Dr said he would
come. he did not make his call untill [until] 7 oclk! and all was
over. He gave an order for a coffin or box, and "certified that
J. B was privately delivered of a still born male child" &c
Went to the office and recieved [received] payment for S. S Kaikowra's [Kaikoura] wash'g £35. 1. 8
The Ruahine linen brought in this morn'g which kept us
busy the remainder of the day, counting.

Sabbath 6th
Rev'd W. Mills preached 11 oclk Rev'd W. Robson
3oclk and Mr. Curtis in the eve'g.

Monday 7th
The inmates are all working Cheerfully.

Teusday [tuesday] 8th
Mr. Mills and Mr. Armstrong held
a Tempurance [temperance] meeting. These
meetings tend to great good the girls look forward to them with pleasure. and listen to very [?] attentively. The instant either of them make their appearance they all rise from their seats & Clap their hands giving them a hearty welcome.

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