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1865. [underscored]

October 19th
Thursday Margt. OBrian came to ask if we
could tell her how to get into the Infirmary and begd " a drink of water and a bit of bread".
said, "some day my body will be found dead."
Cathn. Richards is idle noisy and troublesome, we fear her case is hopeless.
Mrs Bird sent for the clothes she had left last teusday for Maria. we sent to tell
her they could not have them without a note, in the afternoon another woman
came with the required note, The clothes were then given to her. she said Mr Bird
had engaged a lawyer to come on teusda.y and that he had given his wife a good
beating for not bringing Maria home last tuesday which had quite laid her up again.
Revd. R. Ord preached this eveng.
number present 31 inmates, Mrs A Melinda
& Matron. at 9 oclk Mrs A came to complain
that Cathn Richards refused to go to bed.
she "wanted to go out" - she was told, that was
not the time to go. she must retire [underscored] at once, or
be put in charge of the Police,
she then went quietly to bed,

Friday 20th Mrs Wright complains bitterly of Ester Bruce
conduct in school.

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