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1865. [underscored]

September 30th
Saturday. The Garden begins to look well, nearly all
the bricks &c cleared away by the girls, the Matron went and sat by, to encourage them, not being able to take
part, having been very ill, of influenza. have been
pleased and encouraged with the sympathy shown by the inmates

Oct 1st. Rev. W. Mills preached in the morng.
Mr. Fletcher in the aftern. Mr A Howitt eveng.
All the inmates in attendance (32) and very attentive.

Monday, 2nd
We are much better off this month for work, (have received £ 24.9.3) which we trust will still increase as the fine weather sets in, The inmates as better behaved too which makes things much pleasanter.

Teusday 3rd
Sub. Comt. ladies present
Mrs Goodlet, Hon. Sect. - Mrs C. Ord, Mrs Reed,
Mrs Bickford, Mrs Thos. Smith
Mrs J Smith brought an indian silk dress, elaboratly worked, together with sets of the handsomest curtains in Sydney. She wanted them washed, said she would pay 2/6 extra to the woman that would get them up well.

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the name Ord/Orde has been spelt with the 'e' for most of these pages except this one.