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Thursday 15th. Christina Nield is very naughty and rude to
the teacher. Matron went to visit her
little grandchildren from 12 oclk [o'clock] to 1/4 5 oclk [o'clock].

Friday 16th. The young man calling himself Sarah Porter's
brother wanted to see her. he was told he must
first prove he was her brother, and then he could
see her on com. [committee] day.

Saturday 17th. Jessie McGregor made her escape over the
cottage. there's reason to suspect that Sarah Porter
brought her in, for no other purpose [underscored] but to carry out
news. Eliz'th [Elizabeth] Williams has recommenced useing [using] bad
language, which has made the Matron very sorrowfull [sorrowful].

Sabbath 18th. Cath'n [Catherine] Richards and Nora OConnor
made their escape after tea. they were
mis [missing] when Mr Roberts commenced the eve'g [evening]
The Matron accompanied by Mr Roberts started 1/4 9 oclk [o'clock]
to Cathn [Catherine] Richards parents house - "Surrey [Surry] Hills."
They were grieved to hear of their daughter's conduct.

Monday 19th.
Matron & Mr R went 1/2 past 7 oclk [o'clock] in search of
the missing girls to "Wallice Lane" (were [where] Jane Dillon
lives) from there, went to Nora's mother. Phillips St.
but they "had not seen her", she asked "was there no
place where she could be forced to stay.
said she would see a magistrate about her, and
get her put in prison, if there was no where else".
on the way home called to ask Mrs Wood if she had been
there. it was then 1/4 past 9 oclk [o'clock] and Eliza Lamb
had not got up, waited untill [until] she dressed. she
"had not seen her". returned to a late breakfast.

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