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Thursday 12th
Capn. Fowler 'Normahale' [Nourmahal] requested that his,
and his crews, washing be sent for. and as we had
no messengers, they were brought in a cab by
the Matron. Maria Bird has been complaining
of a pain in her side. Bridget Dawson & Ann Mack
conducted themselves badly at prayers last night.

Friday 13th
Elizth Riley is so diseased that she was taken by her
Mother to the Infirmary. Mary Ann Harrison will also have
to go. Agnes OBrian is exceedly troublesome &

Saturday 14th
Had extra washing this week which has
kept the inmates busy. the unsettled state of
the weather caused much extra trouble.
purchased 6 dozn pears for them. shall give them
each one a day whilst they last. but all kindness &
forbearance is lost on Agnes OBrian.

Sunday 15th
Had service three times, all the inmates
seemed content. Mr Roberts brought four
women from the breakfast meeting.
The weather being so cold gave Kate Scott a new
pair of shoes and stockings and brown skirt, Elizth
Smith a print dress & brown jacket. and the two
made their escape a few minutes after the even
service. taking the extra clothing with them exepting
the shoes & stock.,
Instructed Mrs A to go to their old haunt, she
found Elizth Smith & gave her in charge, Annie Mac
was in the same horrid [nookery?], but there were many
of the "Forty Thieves" gang about, by whom these prostitutes
are protected: that she Annie managed to slip away with the
Refuge dress thrown over her head to hide herself.

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