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Monday 16th
a Police man called to say they had caught Annie Mack
Mrs A went to the Court. Elizth Smith returned with her, but
Annie Mack would not. Mrs Goodlet dismissed
Bridget Dawson. Margt O.Brian came by permission untill she
goes to her new situation.

Teusday 17th
Catherine Rickards begd to be admitted, she waited
outside untill the Matron had breakfast then
went with her to her parents house to hear if her
statement was true that her "father would pay for her"
her mother said perhaps he would, but she preferd
consulting him, she was told that Cathn could
not be received untill we heard from them but
she would have to left in the street, before
parting with the poor wretched girl, told her how good &
kind our Heavenly Father was, when father &
mother forsake her the Lord will take her up.

urged her not to return to her old haunts but find
some one with a family of small children and offer
to wash or scrub for her food - and perhaps we
might take her in, after her father had been here -
as we were assembling for even prayer Cathn
brought a note from her Mother promising to pay
if we would take her in. She was taken, she was
filthy and swarming with vermin. she slept out
Maria Bird has recovered.

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