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Monday be diligent at her work. attend morn.
Nov. 7th and even prayers & when fears were expressed
that she would again be troublesome, she said
" I will do everything you bid me to. O do
take me in". she is not sober - very dirty
scarcely any clothing on - not had breakfrast
allowed her to have a cup of tea then sent her
for a bath. and to change her cloths for those of
the Refuge. . then sent her to bed, although
only 1/2 past 9 oclk.
Mary Durham has again requested to go out and as she
is ineligible owing to her age. she was allowed to go.
Sarah Peckham demands to go out this morn.
"if not allowed by fair means will use foul" this
woman was so dirty & naked when she came in
that the matron had to ask the women in the laundry
(when she was taken there for a bath) to be kind
to her, as she perceived there was a general titter at
seeing her comical plight and debauched scab.
face -

Teusday Margt Lamb, Martha Slater and Jane Dillon were
8th sent to scrub, as they all seem so much better -
The Ladies Sub Com. ordered their return.
Emily Cohoon has been dismissed for using
bad language. Jessie Evans went out again.

Mrs Bird called and paid the promised £1.1.0 as a
donation to the Refuge.

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